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I joined the committee in Sept 2011 for six months to develop this site.  It has been superseded here.

Welcome to the Ross Branch of The Royal British Legion       

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The Royal British Legion is the UK's leading Armed Forces charity and one of its largest membership organisations. Members get together through the network of branches and clubs all over the country and overseas to participate in social, fundraising and welfare activities.

Membership is open to everyone. If you have an interest in the objectives of the Legion and want to help and support for those who have served and their families, come and join us. We welcome men and women of all ages, whether they have served in the Armed Forces or not.

Legion membership ensures that

  • Remembrance is kept alive and that the sacrifices our brave Service men and women have made are never forgotten.
  • The ex-Service community has a voice and that its concerns are brought to the public eye.

Becoming a member also provides the opportunity to get involved in a wide range of activities and events held locally, regionally and nationally throughout the year. 


What we do

Poppy Appeal launch 2011

The Royal British Legion is a UK charity that has been helping the Armed Forces community past and present for 90 years. Though their needs have changed the need for our work is as vital as ever.

We're committed to the welfare, interests and memory of the Service family - those who we feel have made a unique commitment to their country and deserve to be rewarded for that with long term care.

We are probably best-known for our role as the nation's custodian of Remembrance and for the Poppy Appeal, our annual fundraising campaign. But the Legion is not just about poppies in November, but caring for people all year round.more


Enjoy the site.


Prof. Alan F Harrison

website author